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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you keep them in cages all day?


- No, in fact we don't keep them in cages at all. Each guest/family has their own private indoor suite with outdoor access all day 


How many times a day will my dog get to go outside?

- They have indoor and outdoor access all day (dog door will be closed at night)


Does anyone stay with the animals at night?

- They are on our property so only steps away.  Security cameras are on  your pets 24 hours a day


What if my dog does not get along with others?

-Your dog/dogs will have to go out alone for the safety of our staff and other guests. 


What if my dog/cat gets sick during their stay?

- We will attempt to contact you. If we are unsuccessful, we will take them to the vet immediately. 

Can I pick up my dog after hours?

- Yes, we would need a call or text so we can accommodate pick up/drop off time

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