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About Us

I grew up with the love for all animals.


My journey started when I left friends and family in Wisconsin and traveled to Florida with just my dog, Tori.


It was after I settled into this new place that I became more involved with the animal rescue community and added three more fur babies to the family.... you'll read about them below.


I felt I still had more love to give and it was a dream of mine to open my own dog sitting business, so here I am! Finally, after years of planning and building, my dreams are coming true.

We rebuilt the barn that's on our 2 acre property to have it partially accommodate several dogs.  I wanted it to feel more like a home a way from home.


To the start of a bright new future!

The Pack


Chocolate Labrador

My sweet senior who LOVES the water.  Like any lab she's very energetic, even at her old age.   We don't need an alarm clock in the mornings she's always right there to tell us its breakfast time.  


Catahoula Leopard Mix


Our first rescue dog that had a rough beginning. Even though she is blind in one eye that doesn't stop her from chasing the ball.  She absolutely loves people and enjoys cuddling. 


Was told she was part siemese cat.


I found her under my shed; sent flyers around and took her to Domestic Animal Services, but no one claimed her.  She was so sweet I had to go back and adopt her 


Boxer/Beagle Mix

Our most recent rescue that stole our hearts.  He's our little spitfire who craves attention.  

Our Team
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